Show off your talent

Due to the fast revolving technology changes in media development we are not hiring full-time-talent any more, but have been developing an efficient system to outsource tasks to our large base of brilliant freelancers and suppliers all over the world. For this reason we are continuously looking for great outsourcing talent that for future cooperation.

If you are interested in working with us as, please sign up on the following web-form. Once you are in our system, your portfolio will be evaluated and our project managers can sign you up for future tasks. We are looking for talents in these fields:

  • Managers / Producers
  • anybody in 3D (Max based, modeler, shader, lighting, animators, liquids, particles… anything)
  • VR/AR is a big topic for us, so we are always interested in people experienced in that area.
  • Unity3D / Unreal 4 and 5 Developer
  • Java / JavaScript Developer
  • Creative Directors experienced in commercials/advertising
  • Web/iOS/Android Developer
  • Music Artists (especially for video and background music)
  • After Effects / Nuke Operators for post-production of CG and VR content

Thank you for your interest in our company, team and work. 
We are always interested to hook-up with the brightest freelancers out in the ever-expanding space of great talent. If you like to connect with us, please fill in your information below.
Sorry for this slightly impersonal form, but if your stuff is great, we promise it wouldn't take long until one of our project managers contacts you to arrange for the next steps.

Please use the “attachment” button all the way down to attach any portfolio files. Please mind that each file can’t exceed 100MB.