SOOOM's Motion Picture Reels

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SOOOM Showreel

HATZ Diesel

HATZ asked us to render a uplifting video for their US-trade show to reveil the all new 3-cylinder 3H50TIC.

Client: Hatz Dieselmotoren

CG, directing and other creative services (incl music) were handled by our team.

Boeing 777-300ER

Indonesias leading Airline GARUDA bought the all new Boeing 777 in 2013 and had to create their marketing material during a time when the planes
where still in the factory. We helped them to create 5min of stunning show-off of the new plane and its features.

Client: Garuda Indonesia

CG, directing and other creative services (except the music) were handled by our team.

We also made an APP with cool 360-features. Download it here:

Gas-leak finding Drone

In this project we helped the Chinese startup HeSai to create a product video about their first of its kind invention:
A drone that inspects households in highrise buildings for gas leaks! Fully automated!

Client: HeSai Technology
The product HS5000 is a natural gas measurement device that is mounted onto a DJI-M100. HeSai's self-developed base station does the automated flying. Overall a groundbreaking and disrupting technology, that has been already sold to major Chinese Gas companies and went into service in 2017.

HyperXite - Hyperloop

We ran this project through our American partner and helped the UCI to visualize their competition pod called HyperXite for the

Hyperloop competition which was conducted by Elon Musk, SpaceX and the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles.
A great example what can be achieved with a University budget when planned well.

Liquids Reel

Different motion picture jobs related to liquids all done in 3D. Mix of
different clients and techniques.

Different clients

Most of it is simulated in Realflow 
with the help of different plugins here and there.

Toilet Beauty

Full CG product promotion video about the beauty of a toilet ;-)
Making a product like a toilet looking good with liquids and everything is not an easy thing to do. Still, we believe we have done well.

Client: KOHLER China

All CG, liquids, directing and other creative services were handled entirely by our team at SOOOM.
The Video also exist with Chinese Voiceover.

3D-Projection Mapping

3D-Projection mapping is a big thing for us here at SOOOM. We have created the content for several great assignments and together with our partners realized stunning experiences.

In this reel you see several projects. The first one is a simple 1-projector setup on a trade show, the second one is projecting with 3 projectors on a model-plane and the third one is projecting on the National Historical Museum in Los Angeles for their 100th Anniversary.

Mitsubishi Canter

Work all done in CG in 2011. By that time SOOOM was operating under the lable The Looop CGI. 

Client: Misubishi / Mercedes Benz Germany
Agency: The Good Guys GmbH
Lighting by Oli Sterk and creative concept by Mike 

Voiceless Manuals Reel

Yes, we know... Manuals are not exactly the most exciting topic, but hey, our clients demand them quite often. So, here you go with our Manuals-Reel!

Client: Misubishi / Kohler
Agency: The Good Guys GmbH