Let's Talk

So, how do we get together on this?

easy steps to get rolling

  • 1

    Get to know each other

    After you have probably seen our portfolio on this site, it's best if you request a meeting with one of our project managers. Correct, we don't have sales people who will annoy you, you will be talking to the actual project manager that will be dedicated to you also during real jobs.

  • 2


    we discuss how our portfolios fit, which clients to approach and how we see a market fit in your environment. We will discuss the details of our cooperation and we can also teach you a little about services or products of ours that you are not yet familiar with.

  • 3


    Next, both sides will sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and a NCA (Non-Circumvention Agreement).
    This makes sure that you use our portfolio in the right way and we don't take over your clients and respect your market.

  • 4


    For every job you will brief us as detailed as you can and we will write you a quotation and settle on a down-payment amount. 

  • 5

    Start Rolling

    You will then mark up our quotation, add your own services on top and bid the whole thing to your client.
    When you have won the job you wire the down payment and we start working.

  • 6

    Production Lead Times

    We recommend ourselfs best to productions for direct client contacts (without chaotic ad-agency in between). Our online setup brings lots of advantages, but it is not faster than sitting together in an office. Knowing this, we recommend to allow for roughly 3 month production time for product movies and two weeks for Key Visual images.

  • 7


    We will pay our people right after the job is done. We understand that it takes a little while for you to get the final payment from your client, but we expect final compensation around 30 days after completition.

Make the first step and let us know that you are out there interested in working with us.
Fill out these 6 questions and we will come back to you asap.