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Sooom for industrial photographers, designers and videographers

SOOOM makes an ideal partner for you.
Here is why:

No Investment

We found that building a CG-production house is a costly matter. Thus, it's not something for everybody. However, almost every photographer out there is confronted with delivering CG-images in one way or another. We give you the opportunity of having a great team at your disposal that you use only when you need it.

Transparent Charging

We write you a quotation before the job starts. How much you mark up our numbers and what you charge your clients is totally up to you. We are in this together, but you write the final bill. No need for you to open your books to us or calculate a profit share. 

Label our work with yOUR Brand

OK, let's say you give us a shot and you take our portfolio and go to your client. It's difficult to show your portfolio together with ours. You will need to explain what is yours and what is ours. Overall it appears to be a rather undelightful fragmented presentation this way. 

That's why we allow our partners to take our portfolio as theirs (except the stuff that is under NDA) and label it under their brand. We can even help you to put your watermark into all images and footage.

The way how we see things here at SOOOM is that YOU are the Creator of the picture. Like the director of a movie. CGI is one of the tools that you use to get you there, similar to a camera. 
However, do you mention with every artwork you show to your client which camera you shot it on? Probably not. Thus, we are happy if you show our portfolio as yours if it helps you to get the job!

Next time you see a client you will have a lot more to show! Maybe even offer more services as before (as we also do VR, Looking Glass, Product Experience APPs, 3D-Building Projections and more). Hence, you will likely be a much more interesting partner for your corporate client.

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Extensive Portfolio

We see a trend that B2B-clients as well as big ad-agencies tend to hire small agencies to do quite a range of digital services for them. With this the positioning of most single photographers is moving even further down the food-chain. 

We are one of these 'small agencies' capable of delivering a wide range of services. The difference with us is that we don't move you down in the food-chain. For us you are the Key Account Director and we build what you need.

Besides CG-images, CG-videos, data preparation, modelling and so on, we also developed APP's for Android and iOS, 3D-Projections on buildings and objects, VR/AR applications and recently even played around with the Looking Glass.
All of these services could be in your pocket when you go and see your client next time.

Add additional value to your existing portfolio! 

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Production Safety

We understand that you are carrying full responsibility for your productions. Your neck is on the line when sh*t hits the fan. 
We honour your trust in us by promising to go the extra mile to make your production a blasting success. We all are too long in the business to not know that skrew-up's do happen even among the best. But we also know, that everything comes down to foreseeing problems and handling crisis. 
That's why the experience of our project managers is of utmost importance for us. All of them are veterans in the field and have a deep understanding of 3D-pipelines and photo/film production background.

Meet the founders

How we Work

We know how difficult it is to work with new people. That's why we have the same project manager available for you when you come back with a new job. This worked out for the absolute majority of projects in the past.

Behind the curtains the project managers will then select the talents they need for your job from our pool of artists. You, however, will be already busy enough with talking to your client, so the project manager will deal with the team.

In some cases people like you will also take a role within the team. Some photographers oversee the lighting, while others act as art-directors or designers and others again are experienced in 3D and take lead on the 3D-Team.
This provides brilliant opportunities for you to charge your client for your extra effort here, and gives you more control and insight into the status of the production.

As a matter of fact, it happened in the past that some of our clients actually became team members in jobs from other clients. Let's say you are great in directing light, and there is another team where the client is more of a production manager guy, we may ask you to come in on that job and complete the team.

Works Everywhere, yet Human!

We are using our own custom made project management tool to communicate, share files and screens, conduct meetings and generally collaborate in teams. That means our 'office' is in the internet and you can 'come in' from wherever you are.

Our artists are located in different time zones, but we assign you a project manager who is close to your time zone.

Out there are too many bots and un-personalized scalable business tools. That doesn't work for us. CG-Advertising is a people business. That's why it is important for us to match you to a project manager who you 'click' with for the long run.

Meet the Team

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If you've made it until here, chances are good that you and us would be a good match. We put some easy steps together how we can bring a potential partnership to life.

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